Turbines secrets
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Special care with its turbine

Esto Here are some tips to care for the smooth operation of your turbine.

1 - When connecting the veculo, wait several seconds before accelerating (around 50 seconds).

This is sufficient time to raise oil to the engine and the turbine and to keep the system lubricated ene risks occur in the turbine bearings Autel MaxiCOM MK808.

2 - After comear walking veculo wait with the engine reaches normal operating temperature of the same. The set needs to be in normal working temperature is required for its full potential. With the heating system of the oil viscosity reaches the point of ideal for work and the rest of the set thanks Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.

3 - For turbo engines very important to use the oils recommended by the manufacturer of your veculo. Depending on utilizao you can use mineral oils or sintticos. Always respect the deadlines for the exchange of it. The oil has an important role in conservao of your engine. There are several on utilizao trend of mineral oils and sintticos. Try finding out people with expertise in the industry, which always daro opes correct.

If using mineral oil and switch to sinttico, Faaa cleaning system with special products indicated. And that vlida Information for the contrary. If the need to complete the system, always use the same brand j leos used.

The major causes of "sludge" in the engine are:

A-Use oils of different brands

B-Use of low quality oils

C-Mix sinttico with mineral oil or vice versa.

D-combustveis Use of low quality

E-Exchange of lubricant out of time

Complete the F-oil product with different brand j used

4 - The exchange of each oil change the oil filter and air. Turbo engines need special care if and when oil exchange, replace the air filter also because the air enters turbo engines especially at high speed and with that the air filter dirty more than the normal aspirated engines.

5 - Faa manutenoa cleaning of your intercooler from time to time.

6 - Faa cleaning the product of the turbine lubrificao. The biggest factor in the decline of the turbines. When you start to "lees" she focuses initially on the same product of lubrificao and damaging the lubrificao the turbine. If necessary replace it. For the sake of your turbine.

7-Never use lubricants of poor quality and out of Specifications "TURBO".

Specifications for lubricants with turbo engines are designed to work in high temperatures (above aspirated engines). With high temperatures the conventional lubricants to lose viscosity and lose the ability to protect your engine and turbine. Leos multiviscosos so the ideal, because mantma viscosity at various temperatures used. With these products because such attributes as soon as they arrive to the system.

8 - Never leave mecnicos turbo engines know that the Serbs in making it.

The construction of a different engine turbo engine sucked. Several peas turbo engine products are made with special Specifications for work in extreme limits of performance.

There vris you in different cars with turbo engines:

Clutch, Bronzino, lubricants, pistes, candles, coils, anise and others.

9 - Avoid washing your engine or put in lava rpidos. Washing "Motorized" extremely harmful to the various components in the same eletrnicos. Harmful both aspirated engines or turbo. There are other ways to let him clean. The language of your enemy engine.

10 - Never turn the engine off and immediately, as the waiting time has rituals to connect and disconnect your veculo. In time off, leave the carroparado without accelerating some 45 seconds, then turn off your engine.

Following the rules, along with other care normal, its engine and turbine IRO have a long useful life

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